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Please help us complete the fundraising for a monument to honor Major Rick Gannon, killed in Iraq in 2004.  A recipient of the Silver Star and Purple Heart, Rick and his wife Sally raised 4 children in his hometown of Escondido, California.  In honor of this hometown hero, we are partnering with the city of Escondido, where a bust of Gannon will be unveiled and dedicated on April 17th, the 20th anniversary of his death.  


MHI is always looking for artifacts for our loan program.  Unlike brick-and-mortar museums that typically display less than 5% of the artifacts in their collections, we seek to place every artifact in our curated collection on public display throughout the US.  If you are not yet ready to make a tax-deductible donation, consider loaning us your artifact and let find it a temporary home.


MHI has extremely low overhead.  No building, no paid staff.  100% of your financial contribution goes directly to funding our living-heroes initiative (airfare, hotels, honorariums), producing quality film and television, and curating our collection of artifacts that are fully deployed throughout the US.  No donation is too small (or too large).  Donate today.


Get involved by sponsoring one of our media ventures, sponsor a hero in our Living Heroes program, or even just make a targeted donation toward one of our modest administrative costs such as website hosting and maintenance.  Or even volunteer your professional services (legal, accounting, website design).


What to sell, what to donate, and what to keep: tough questions for surviving spouses and heirs.  Let us work with you create a plan that protects our loved ones from predatory estate liquidators, and balances financial responsibility with the preservation of your legacy.